Blue granite worktop colours are becoming an increasingly stylish choice for interior designers today. Homeowners are inspired by blue granites, primarily for the beauty in their varied patterns. Of the blue granite worktop colours, the Azul varieties are the most valued owing to their rarity and natural beauty, particularly the Bahia and Macauba varieties. These patterns or textures come from the minerals of the natural stone. Generally two category types exist; they can be veined, meaning the mineral content creates a different colour or tone from the core colour and forms veining or a swishing pattern to the stone. Or the pattern is homogeneous, which means the varying minerals are distributed evenly throughout the stone for a uniform pattern or structure across the granite worktop colour. Blue granite worktop colours typically have a blue and a black base colour. The secondary colours range from whites, greys and browns to other shades of blue. Blue granites are generally quarried in coastal parts of Norway, Brazil, Africa and the Ukraine. The blue granite worktop colours look fantastic with either a wooden cabinet or coloured and blue granite worktops have the versatility to compliment either a traditional or modern room setting. Please explore our large selection of blue granite worktop colours to find the option that suits you best!

Please note that Blue In The Night, Blue Pearl & Vizag Blue are included within our most popular colours range. This range of blue granite worktop options have been in stock with us, or via other importers, within the last twelve months. If you cannot find your preferred worktop colour within our standard range then please make your choice from the below. Please note that category 2 options will be more expensive than our standard range. Also note category 2 granites are not available to get a quotation online as we need to check our stocks beforehand. Please forward to us your kitchen plan with 2 or 3 choices from category 2 granite worktop options and we will come back to you with your quotation amount. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hover mouse over image to enlarge or click for full slab image where available. Please see footnote in relation to thickness and finishes.


Under each image you will notice various codes. Thickness relates to differing thickness of material to choose from. All sizes stated are in mm. Finishes relates to varying options that are available. P = Polished, A = Antique, S = Satin, W = Water, H = Honed, R = Riven, RW = River Wash, F = Flamed, B = Brushed, RG = Rough. See our Stone Finish Options for more details. Note that not all varying finishes are available in all the listed thickness options. Please contact us for specific clarification on your choice of material.
Please note the above images will be subject to colour variation against the actual material owing to computer limitations