This part of our site is still under development so apologies it is not completed at the time of your visit to us. Lots of our customers have told us their frustrations when looking for a specific granite colour with very little or virtually no information around to assist. Quite ofter customers are left frustrated because none of the UK suppliers have listed a comprehensive stock holding of availability in this Country.

As we are major importers of all stone related materials and deal with virtually every other importer on these shores we felt we were in a good position to be able to undertake this task. All of the materials that we have available will be shown in their relevant stone section by colour option. This will be inclusive of all other stock holdings in the UK, essentially one complete listing of total UK availability. What stone goes out of stock will then be moved to the historical sections of your desired stone type and placed under the colour headings as they appear within our available products listing.

Please be patient whilst we complete this very important customer service tool and check back soon. We hope by undertaking this service it will greatly assist our customers who are looking for a specific stone and are finding it every more elusive to find. In the meantime please feel free to contact us and we will come to you with details on availability of a specific material that interests you.

Historical Granite Colours – The Whites & Greys

Historical Granite Colours – The Creams & Beiges

Historical Granite Colours – The Golds & Yellows

Historical Granite Colours – The Greens

Historical Granite Colours – The Blues

Historical Granite Colours – The Reds & Burgundies

Historical Granite Colours – The Browns

Historical Granite Colours – The Blacks

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