Our most popular range of granite worktops offer 24 options, we hope this offers something for everyone. The most popular range are our best selling colours. These 24 options are always in stock all year round so you have guaranteed availability. This range includes the popular sparkle or glitter worktops of Star Galaxy, Star Gate, Emerald and Blue Pearl. If you cannot find what you are looking for within our most popular range then our secondary range, category 2 options, offers in excess of 350 further colour choices. Category 2 granites have all been in stock with us or other UK based importers within the last year so availability is generally good but these options will usually be more expensive than our most popular range. Also note category 2 granites are not available to get a quotation online as we need to check our stocks beforehand.

Online quotations in granite are restricted the the most popular 24 colours with a polished finish in 30mm thickness. Any variations to this specification and you will need to contact us with a copy of your plan or the exact measurements with 2 or 3 category 2 granite worktop options to ensure we can offer what you are looking for. Please explore our large selection of granite worktop colours to find the option that suits you best!

Hover mouse over image to enlarge or click for full slab image where available. Please see footnote in relation to thickness and finishes.


After the name of each material, you will notice code, PG1, PG2 etc. PG means price group. PG1 is the cheapest material working upwards. Note PG1 in granite is NOT the same price as PG1 in other materials.
Under each image you will notice various codes. Thickness relates to differing thickness of material to choose from. All sizes stated are in mm. Finishes relates to varying options that are available. P = Polished, A = Antique, S = Satin, W = Water, H = Honed, R = Riven, RW = River Wash, F = Flamed, B = Brushed, RG = Rough, BH = Brushed Hammered. See our Stone Finish Options for more details. Note that not all varying finishes are available in all the listed thickness options. Within the online quotation facility 30mm thickness is what has been allowed for. Please contact us for specific clarification on your choice of material.
Please note the above images will be subject to colour variation against the actual material owing to computer limitations