Why onyx kitchen worktops? One of many different kinds of variables to pick from on your worktop surface, onyx is one of the most sought-after materials the world over because it generates such awe and attention when and wherever it is seen. Onyx occurs naturally, but one should be cautious not getting tricked into the purchase of heavily dyed options or the colour will quickly fade in direct sunlight. The use of onyx is prevalent as a gemstone and especially within fashion jewellery, lamps and ornaments. But its use goes all the way through to bespoke one off kitchen islands, bathroom wall cladding and tops. Listed below are some helpful pointers when considering to use as your own onyx kitchen worktops?

The first initial starting point to be aware of is that onyx is not the easiest decorative stone to maintain, but with this premier number one decorative stone, some additional maintenance factors are a small price to pay for such astonishing beauty.

Keeping your fabulous onyx worktops, as sensational as the day of installation inception, is undoubtedly not that difficult to do. It is more about basic, common sense and preventative measures, more than anything else. Ongoing sealing every four to six months is the starting point. In addition, one should be conscientious that this stone is quite soft in comparison to other options, so cutting and food preparation should not be undertaken directly upon the surface. You should also be careful not to spill oil and harsh chemicals onto the surface. Aside from a cleaning and sealing cycle, you can preserve the onyx kitchen worktops inherent luminosity through cleaning with soapy tepid to warm water, which contains no, harsh chemical additives. Additional cleaning and maintenance options are available to top up the materials resistance should you so desire.

Onyx is a real multipurpose stone option for your consideration. As one slab of onyx can differ tremendously to another, you are certain to behold a visual feast when choosing this most beautiful of materials. The variations contained within onyx, from one piece to another, are the resulting influences of the region from which it is derived from. Mineral variations within the region will alter the stones appearance from quarry to quarry. The most common colours of onyx are green and multicolour, but you could also find black, white and orange pigments of onyx to pick from. Onyx is an opulent choice for the disconcerting property owner.

Onyx will vastly increase the interest of anything that it touches. In addition, if used, for example, as wall cladding within a bathroom, will substantially increase the attributed value of your home in the wondering eyes of a prospective purchaser. Onyx, is without doubt, is the most grandiose stone available and the use of it as a decorative finish to a construction project will ensure the resulting finish will pale all others into insignificance.

Hopefully these considerations will you decide upon this fabulous materials inclusion within your home. Onyx kitchen worktops might be a treat to yourself for a discerning kitchen project, and these are a handful of the reasons why you should look to use this material.