If you’re in to incorporating a worktop that displays beauty that is translucent, then you’ll definitely love the appearance that Onyx worktops can give your home. It comes in a variety of natural yet stunning colours and always consist of unique patterns that you might have a hard time finding in another material. Sure, it can be difficult to clean and maintain at times, but because it is much softer that stone types such as granite, you can expect scratches, dullness and etching to occur. Many would consider this a small price to pay for the beauty that this wonderful stone countertop offers.

Listening to a lot of the old wives tales about this material, we fell it would be prudent to advise you staright of the bat the reasonable additional care required whilst using ths material.

Onyx Worktops

Onyx Worktops

Onyx is made up of dissolved limestone and because it is a calcareous stone, it has been known to absorb more liquid and easily display its imperfections. Because it is harder to maintain, most homeowners use it as a decorative item or in areas where high traffic is not a problem. One thing that can help you preserve the beauty of an onyx worktops is to apply sealant that protects it from dulling, etching and staining. You can have this done by an expert after it has been installed but right before you use it. We will happily provide a suitable aftercare kit to ensure your surfaces offer years of trouble free wonder Quartz countertops best company .

Believe it or not, quality sealant can help it last a long time and add a look to your home that you’ve always dreamed of. Also, avoid using vinegar, fruit juice, wine and other ingredients that are acidic on your worktop because they can leave stains that eventually become permanent. Onyx material gives off more light than most other natural stones because of its luminous quality which can make it difficult to hide any of its flaws. However, by following some cleaning tips, you can decrease the chances of these flaws appearing in the first place black granite .

Use a non-acidic cleaner and a soft cloth to give your worktop more shine which will take most of the attention off of any stains or scratches. Spray the cleaner onto the rag rather than the actual material and then wipe it down. This will keep the cleaner from being absorbed into the stone. Allowing this to happen could cause some serious damage to your worktop, so be sure to wipe up moisture that is left behind.

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If you’ll be using your worktop for preparing meals including slicing and dicing, consider using a cutting board than cutting your food directly on the worktop. This material will easily scratch if precautionary measures are not taken. By following these simple steps, you can make your luxurious onyx worktops last as long as you’d like it to.

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