Cimstone worktops are going through a fantastic growth. This is because of the luxury, style, and durability quartz gives. A great kitchen choice which is increasing in popularity as it offers the feel of stone without the usual maintenance commonly associated with natural products.

Quartz is the most durable stone counter choice you can purchase for a work surface. Granite is exceedingly tough, but as a natural material, it has differences of porosity and ruggedness that is built in within natural products, as you would expect with hardwoods, for example. These are not issues that are consistent within quartz.

Cimstone is a compound made up of more than 90% natural quartz, which makes it extraordinarily sturdy and practical. It is a fantastic choice for kitchen surface, bathrooms, staircases, floors and wall cladding.

In addition, this material comes in a range of varying tones of quartz colour, offering a multitude of finish options from a kitchen surface to a complete project for a range of furniture. Cimstone is a belief in the future, and due to its strength, Cimstone is going to be a perfect choice for your project.

The most widely available mineral on the surface of the earth, quartz (Silicon Dioxide) that offers a huge supply of raw materials to be put to use. The implementation of recent developments within science to produce quartz as a human made stone option.

The raw additive is developed to be mixed with adhesives and colourants to produce Cimstone worktops. The advantage of this material, over any other is the fact, as is man made the colour is computer produced so you are guaranteed of colour exactness regardless of how many singular pieces will be needed to complete your refurbishment works.

If you would like to get a grasp for how this flexible material would be suitable your specific project, a good initial commencement would be to look through our gallery below displaying completed projects in a colossal range of options. Some of the options are available with alternative surfaces such as leather finish. Simply click on the box below for finish options to have a look at what you can have. When choosing granite materials, the various countertop options are an extra function that we can undertake for you, this is not the case with quartz. By altering the texture of quartz, would certainly make worthless the manufacturers guarantee. With this in mind, the surface alterations are those carried out by the original producer. Compac and Silestone are the only manufacturers that offer different textural finishing.

Now you have chosen colour, brand name and finishing variables the next step will be the fabrication. This relates to what can be done with the sheet product for openings, variables of edging etc. Simply click on the image for fabrication options below and you will get a better feel for this.

With the current surge in demand for this material, numerous producers now have branches within Great Britain offering a huge collection of over 600 options. The main manufacturers for quartz slabs are as detailed below. Simply click on one of the images below to find out about the brand in question and colours there are. A Cimstone worktop is one of the quality choices within the Great Britain.

There are a few alternative quartz materials available. Some of which we have used in the past. History and experience has shown us that the majority of quartz products shipped in from China, as an example, are of a low grade where it is virtually beyond capabilities to get the edge of the product to be polished. Be prudent if you elect a quartz product other than those detailed underneath from an alternative manufacturer. With these poor quality materials, chemicals are applied by unethical stone mason to the face edge, to make the material appear polished. Over a period of time, this will fade leaving an unpolished edge and occasionally much worse with scrapes and lines that were not previously visible. These poor quality materials should be declined at all costs, especially when you remember that these products will only change an estimate by a nominal amount. Essentially, if you choose a really cheap quartz option, you will in the main, simply be selecting quartz sheets where the quartzite content has been reduced to enable cheaper pricing or worse still for the stone mason to retain more money. The quartzite reduction decreases the materials expected lifespan. This makes cheaper materials considerably easy to scratch and is prone to have a dull finish. If other good quality products were obtainable we would use them. It might well be there is a reason why you cannot see them amongst our product range!

To obtain the most inexpensive estimate available for your quartz surfaces it would be worth looking at our range of most popular colours. These tones offer a choice perfectly suited for absolutely any kitchen with over sixty options. The striking disparity between the most popular colours and the branded products is just that the most popular options are the products that we fabricate daily. This means that if your work necessitates the use of a partial sheet, you will only be liable for what is really made use of, and the left over materials will be used for another job. If you choose by the brand name, you will be liable for all of the materials purchased to carry out your project as we cannot make use of the remaining materials as we do not use these colours every day of the week. Another added benefit of using the most popular colour choices is that this range is available to undertake an instant online quote.