Okite worktops are experiencing a fantastic increase in sales. This is because of the luxury, style, and durability quartz delivers. A perfect kitchen choice which is increasing in interest as it offers the appearance of stone without the usual maintenance commonly associated with natural materials.

Quartz is the most durable stone counter option you can purchase for a work surface. Granite is very tough, but as a natural material, it has differences of absorbency and hardness that is built in within natural products, as you would expect with hardwood timbers, as an example. These are not issues that you would expect within quartz.

Okite is a compound made up of more than ninety percent natural quartz, which makes it exceedingly sturdy and durable. It is a fantastic choice for kitchen surface, staircases, floors, wall cladding and bathrooms.

In addition, it offers abroad choice of different shades of quartz colour, offering a vast range of finish choices from a kitchen top to a complete project for a range of decorative finishes. Okite is a belief in the future, and due to its durability, Okite is going to perform superbly for your project.

The most common mineral on the surface of the earth, quartz (aka Silicon Dioxide) enables a vast supply of raw resources to be put to use by fulfilling recent developments within science to create quartz as a man made stone option. Quartz crystals are combined with adhesives and colour pigments to produce Okite worktops. The big bonus of this material, over any other, is the reality, as it is man created the colour is computer produced so you are ensured of colour consistency irrespective of how many singular worktops will be required to complete your project.

If you would like to get a grasp for how this versatile product would suit your particular works, an ideal initial commencement would be to take a look at our gallery below displaying finished projects in a massive range of hues. Some of the options are available with different textures such as leather finish. Just click on the link below for finish options to have a look at what is available. When using materials, the different surface finishes are an additional function that we can perform for you, this is not an option with quartz. By altering the surface finish of quartz would effectively null and void the manufacturers guarantee. On this basis, the texture variations are those created by the manufacturer. Silestone & Compac is the only manufacturers that offer different textural finishing.

Once you have determined colour, brands and finishing options the next stage will be the fabrication. This is in relation to what processes can be undertaken with the material for openings, edge profiles and so on. Just click on the picture for fabrication options below and you will get a better feel for this.

With the current surge in demand for this product, numerous manufacturers now have branches within Great Britain delivering a huge range of over 600 colours. The main producers for quartz slabs are as displayed below. Please click on one of the images below to see more about the brand in question and choices available. An Okite worktop is one of the best choices within the United Kingdom.

There are some other quartz brands available. Some of these we have experimented with in the past. Our experience and historical use have proven to us that the majority of quartz products imported from China, for example, are of a low grade where it is almost impossible to get the facing edge of the material to take a polish. It would not be wise if you choose a quartz brand other than those detailed below from a.n.other producer. With these poor quality materials, chemicals are often applied by an unethical stone mason to the leading edge. This will make the product appear as if it’s polished. Over a period of time, this will wear off leaving an unpolished face edge and sometimes much worse with scratches and lines that were previously invisible. These low grade products really should be avoided, especially when you take into consideration that they will only change a quotation by a nominal amount. Consider this, if you select a dirt cheap quartz option, you will in the main, just be choosing quartz sheets where the quartzite content has been reduced for fabricators to offer low prices or worse still for the fabricator to make greater profits. The quartzite reduction decreases the materials level of durability. This renders it considerably easy to scrape and is likely to have a dull finish. Apply some common sense, if cheaper, top grade products were available they would already be part of our product offering. Perhaps there is a reason why you cannot see them amongst our product range!

To receive the most competitive quotation around for quartz countertop you should explore our range of most popular colours. These tones offer a choice perfectly suited for virtually any kitchen with in excess of sixty variables. The striking disparity between the most popular colours and the branded products is simply that the most popular colours are the products that we fabricate with the greatest level of frequency. This means that if your project necessitates the utilisation of a partial sheet, you will only be liable for what is actually used, and the left over product will be retained for another customer. If you decide upon a brand name, you will be liable for all of the materials purchased to carry out your works as we will not be able to make use of the remaining materails as we do not use these colours every day. Another reason of using the most popular colour choices is that these options are available to obtain an instant online quotation.