Quartz Worktop Colours – Creams & Browns

Cream and brown quartz options are very popular shades of quartz worktop colours. These are literally on the verge of taking over from the Black options as being the number one choice of colour. The word beige was originally coined as a fabric that is left in its natural colour. As the names indicate, cream and brown quartz worktop colours provide the unique ability to decorate in a neutral colour palette without sacrificing any style or class and without overpowering your room. This offers flexibility when it comes to decorating and redecorating and lends a classic style to a kitchen or bathroom, particularly when paired with darker cabinets or tiles. The cream and brown quartz worktop colours incorporate shades of dark brown, light brown and white sprinkled throughout the texture making it easy to keep clean and looking is best. This type of mottled appearance reduces the visibility of smearing and finger marks reducing daily cleaning and maintenance. Two of the most popular options are Luna and Caramello. Please explore our large selection of cream and brown quartz worktop colours to find the option that suits you best!